Their Story

Neriman from Damascus, is in her early 40s and has six children. Unlike many of her unfortunate relatives, she made it safely to the Adiyaman refugee camp in Southeastern Turkey. Neriman is college educated, and prior to the war she worked for many years as an accountant. But in the camps, there are no accounting jobs or freelancer websites to apply her trade. Idle time brings painful memories. She jumped at the chance to work at the carpet workshop. It’s a new skill, but she is learning – and just as important, she is earning a fair wage, same as her Turkish counterparts. She is saving to buy gold earrings for her daughters and hopes to save for a home for when they return to Syria. Her smile shines despite the tragedy she has faced, and she is very grateful to have the chance to work again.

Neriman is just one of the 250 Syrian refugee women employed by The Anka Cooperative. Like all other Syrian refugees, she has a unique story but a common goal to make the best of her difficult circumstances and to build a new life for herself and her loved ones. With Anka’s help, all the women we employ feel empowered to achieve that goal.