Our Process

Our Wool

We only use hand-spun, lanolin rich wool sourced from free grazing sheep in Eastern Anatolia. Our wool is never treated with chemicals in the cleaning process, resulting in lustrous, strong yarn. This gives the finished rugs a glowing aura that will last for over a century.

Our Dyes

We only use the highest quality, natural, vegetable dyes. Naturally-dyed carpets will not fade and the colors and richness of your rug will last for generations.

Our Weaving

We partner with master craftswomen to train, supervise, and guide our weavers. Progress and quality are examined multiple times per day. Our refugee weavers respond well and enjoy the challenge of learning this time honored skill.

Our Finishing

When a rug is finally cut from the loom after months of weaving, we triple wash the rug using cold water, then press it to ensure it retains it’s intended shape. Every knot is inspected and, when needed, even the finest detail is corrected.